Baby Car Seat and its types

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        The most important thing in parenting is securing your child from every danger and accidents. Babies without baby car seat may experience high risk of injury in car crashes because infants have very soft and developing spines and they have a large heads with soft neck in their body. So, it is necessary to have a car seat for your little one while driving to safeguard your baby.

Based on the research and studies, Kids are up to 2 years had injury when they are placed baby car safety seats that faced forward than the car seat that rear faced.

Choosing a baby car seat may vary depending on your baby’s age, height, weight etc.,

  1. Infant car seat
  2. Convertible car seat
  3. 3-In-1 seat
  4. Booster seat

1. Infant car seat:

            Infant car seats are the safety seats designed especially for infants. These types of car seats provides safety to your little one from their birth to their toddler hood. If they reach the limit of the little one’s weight, then they can be placed in the rear facing position.

You can easily take the infant car seat along with your. These models comes with the easy feature in which you can strap it to the base. Variety of bases are available in the marketplaces for multiple cars.

These seat can be used until your infant get 2 years old, and based on their weight limit, the seat is designed in a way to be used as a rear facing position. If your infant grows and exceeds the limit, then its the time to change your infant car seat.

A car bed is necessary for an infant to ride in infant car seats for a premature.

2. Convertible car seat:

        Convertible seats are used from your little one’s birth to the size exceeds. These car seats can be used until your kid exceeds the size of the car seat. You can position your baby in the rear facing or forward facing manner depending on their size. You can use this seat for your little one up to his 36 months old and you can position them in forward facing manner when they reach 36 months old.

Every product has disadvantage, likewise here the convertible car seat cannot be carried away along with you as a infant carrier. They are fixed and cannot be moved from one car to another. These car seats looks bigger than others and it seems too large for smaller infants, even though its huge size provides secure feel to the parents. 

3. 3-In-1 seat:

       3 in 1 seats are also referred as all type in one seat. These seats are really designed to have rear facing to forward to a booster seat. Buy this one seat covering all other types in which you can use this car seat until your kid starts using a seat belt. 

4. Booster seat:

      Booster car seats can be used only in forward facing position. You can use this car seat until your kid starts using a seat belt. National Highway Safety Administration has advised that all the babies must be placed facing rear in the car seats to avoid crashes. This seat can be used from infants to their toddler stage.


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