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           All parents who are about to take special care for their babies. I believe that the most special moment for a parent is when they look at their baby is making his/her first step towards them but it takes a few months for a baby to do so right!. Until then how are you going to give them extra care? How are you going to manoeuvre them from one place to another? How to look out for the best baby stroller for your loved one? If you have similar questions like this. Then this blog is all for you!

 All of us may have this doubt  “What are these Baby strollers?” incase of technically explaining to that I could mention these baby strollers as the safest thing to move your just born baby with it In a secured way when you move in public. Following this, we would also have many questions (or) doubts regarding the baby stroller.  Some simple questions would be:

  • Who will be using this stroller?
  • General features to look out for before buying a baby stroller?
  • Different types of baby strollers?
  • The budget of baby strollers?

Let me answer all these questions in the upcoming part of this blog and if provided I would also suggest some really good baby strollers.

Answering the first question that I have listed out. As said in the initial phase of this blog the actual users of baby strollers are the parents who have just born babies and the parents who love to take their baby out with them wherever they go. If you want your baby to feel comfortable then I would suggest Baby strollers are like a heavenly place for them to get comfortable.

Features to look:

         So “ what are the ideal features I should look upon before landing on a perfect stroller for my baby ?“ this would be one of the common questions for almost everyone. Let me help you to arrive at the best answer by providing some of the ideal features to look out for a perfect baby stroller They are :


     Generally, we would all know about the harness points the more the harness points the safer your baby is as there are a multiple point of harness systems when we take a stroller it ranges from three to five-point harness strollers

Again a question may arise as how to choose with the various harness point strollers available. Let me explain you about it in the upcoming part of this blog

As said before a three-point harness stroller is the one which has three point of contact with your little one and as the degree of harness system progresses the safety straps also improves. My opinion would be a five-point harness stroller.


       Some strollers can be folded with one-hand. This is a very handy and useful feature when you are alone with the baby and have no help to hold the baby while you fold the stroller.


     Reversible strollers helps in making the baby face you and can watch their mama’s or papa’s face and enjoy their ride with secure feel.

These are some of the features apart from them there are also a few more to look out for they are:

  • Different positions in which you could use the stroller
  • Mosquito net ( provides extra protection to your loved ones)
  • The canopy covering ( protects from the sunshine)
  • This is an additional feature to remove cup holders as I don’t want your loved little one to be in an unhygienic environment

So far you have seen the general introduction and some special features about the baby strollers. I think spending some more time looking out for the different types of Baby strollers and concluding yourself with the best one would be the best outcome of this blog and for me.

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