How to choose your Baby Monitor

How to choose your baby monitor

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                        Small Babies always need more care and attention, but you can’t be in your baby’s room every time that is every minute, every hour. In order to solve this problem, there comes the device which acts as an extra pair of eyes. The device is “Baby Monitor“. This device gives you a peace of mind for parents who have worked for a long working day. Baby monitors are more convenient and take extra care for your child so that you can keep a safe eye on your child even when you are not in home.

Whenever you are not in home or you leave your baby alone to sleep, you need not have to panic. You can’t monitor your baby 24/7 and also you can’t be with your child every time, you have to get your things done (like job, household works etc.) despite of the situation. It’s a common feeling to all the new parents. The perfect baby monitor will take off some of your pressure during the baby’s sleeping time. So you can get a better sleep at night. Here we display some of the best baby monitors in 2020.

Inspite of the advantages in baby monitors, there is some common problems which is observed from parents who bought baby monitors, such as – Privacy interference, poor audio quality, static, batteries that run for a short time. Today we share some knowledge about the best baby monitors in the market that has overcome those issues, which offer extraordinary features for the new parents. We’ll share the information about the important features and details about audio monitors, touchscreen monitors, video monitors, wireless monitors etc.

Things to be noted while purchasing a baby monitor

           Your child should be monitored every moment. Going over the previous night footage is waste of time and also that is not the way that baby monitors are built for. These baby monitors capture pictures and video-clips While they sensor any movement inside the baby room or on its sensor space. But these kind monitors don’t help you to monitor your child.

Baby monitors offer more options which you can’t even imagine .High-end monitors have some impressive features like temperature measurements, humidity measurements, along with alerts etc. It also gives notifications when there is a movement or a lack of movement is detected.

Many baby monitors are connected to the internet, which have the capability to watch your infant through an app with the help of your tablet, phone. These features add an extra value to internet based baby monitor.

Are baby monitors are safe?

Even though the baby monitors that are connected to the internet are vulnerable, they have some excellent features. All devices which are connected in a network or the IoT devices (internet of things) which are connected through the internet have the possibility of being hacked. So we should constantly update the firewall and also the router’s firewall and security features should be updated constantly.

The factors to be considered:


When you can’t monitor your baby with a single camera, you have the capability to add an additional camera or you can even add additional receiving units.

Temperature Sensor

This sensor takes care of the surrounding temperature and set the ideal conditions for the baby to sleep. The conditions such as when the room is hot it takes steps to switch on the cooler. Likewise when the room is cool, it takes steps to switch on the heater.


Mostly all baby monitors have a range between 600ft to 900ft. You will be still connected to the baby’s transmitter even if you move as far as possible.

Night Vision

You have to turn on the baby’s room light in the dusk if you don’t have a night vision feature. Baby’s find hard to sleep when the light is switch on.  In order to overcome this we have a feature called night vision. With help of this feature we can monitor our baby even in dusk, without turning on the light.

Audio output and Screen Size

The audio should be loud enough for you so that you deeply monitor your baby. It should not only be loud enough, it also should be clear. The screen size should be large enough so you can clearly watch the baby’s movement, Baby’s sleeping position etc. When you live in a densely-populated area, you should also think about interference.

Volume control

Some of the audio devices in baby monitors are so loud, which bring too much disturbance to the surrounding people. Some of the audio devices are so difficult to hear which degrades the quality of the baby monitor. So while choosing a baby monitor, choose the one which has a proper audio control

How Digital and Analog monitors work

Analog Monitors – Analog monitors directly send the signals to the monitor. So it is easy for the hacker to hack the data and misuse them.

Digital Monitors – Before sending the data, digital monitors encrypt the data and send to the monitor. So it is difficult for hackers to hack the data

In general digital monitors are preferred by parents when compared to analog monitors because of its security features.


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