Questions to ask before buying baby monitor

Questions to ask before buying baby monitor

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                      Taking care of a baby is such a difficult thing if you are a mother/father of your new born baby. Parenting a new born baby is like running behind your baby all the time. You don’t need a lot of money to spent on a baby monitor when you have so much of advanced features in your baby monitor. On an average, you need to spent around 20 dollars. Not only to keep an eye but also to know or to alert you when your baby is crying or any moving detection. During night time you need to get to know whether your baby is having quality sleep or not. Without disturbing him/her you can able to know it through the baby monitor. When world is about to run behind work and money, some of you may choose caretaker and worries in anxiety are they take good care of your baby or not. Now make it simple by avoiding caretaker and take care of your baby directly accessible through remote access.

  1. How many receivers do you need?

Does it enough to have one receiver in your baby monitor? No, right? Yes, in such cases you need to have two or more receivers so that you can listen to him/her when you are busy at cooking in kitchen, or doing any other household works or even your husband can get an alert through the other receivers in your baby monitor. If you have a large home that is having more rooms, you must definitely go for it without hesitation.  There are baby monitors that have non-electronic receiver like breathing wear. So there will be no fear of safety issues for parents. There are even possible ways to record in smart baby monitors.

  1. How wide a range will you need?

          After getting know about how many receivers do you need, you need to get to know about its range. How long does the sound travel which can be able to hear when you are far away? In general each monitors cover a range between 600ft – 900ft . Test it before you buy, does the range covers probable distance or not. Because checking the range means you must also know the features whether is it possible that the sound travels behind the walls, blocks, and wiring.

  1. Do you work from home?

       If you are a business man/women and if you often have calls too, you don’t need to worry about alerting you can mute and work. Still you can able to get alert in a possible way which is a light indicator. It helps you in knowing that whether she’s cooling or crying. Even if you are in office, you can monitor your baby through remote access.

  1. How long will you use a baby monitor?

        For the first few months, you must have the baby monitor with you to get know either he/she’s having a quality sleep during night. After six months it is not necessary to keep with you all the time unlike for a new born baby. Whereas Some parents use baby monitor as long as he/she’s become a toddler. But you can even use it after years for monitoring your boy/girl what was he/she did when you were away.

  1. Do you experience any frequency interference?

Baby monitors have two frequency interference. The first one is between the baby monitor to the handheld device which transmit the Video and another frequency is the Radio frequency that transmit the sound signals from the device to the handheld device. If there is a neighbour’s baby monitor is nearby to your device, then you may experience a disrupt or signal interruption in the device you have in the hand. If the monitor comes with an encrypted frequency or signal, then you can have an uninterrupted clear and secured sound transmissions.

  1. Does your store have an easy return policy?

          Always look properly wherever you buy, is there an easy return policy or not. Do not buy if there is no easy return policy. Sometimes you can see the return policy which is written in the outside cover. When your baby monitor is get delivered to your home make sure to check it thoroughly in different rooms in different areas does it sounds good? Does the sound pass through different rooms with same velocity or not? Can you able to hear from all the room? You must need to check all these things. If you want to exchange it, you can hold all the receipt and bills and contact customer support.

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